Meet Mr. Hanz Bruder,
my obsesively organized alterego.

In this study I developed an alternative persona for myself, one that amplifies, undermines, and rediscovers elements of who I am as a designer and where I want to be. Mr. Hanz Bruder, my alter ego, is a third generation swiss watchmaker who collects beetles. After creating a biographical diagram, I produced a new work of design in the mode of Mr. Bruder. In this exercise graphic design becomes a visual performance and as so, the design pieces are a manifestation of a different designer as well as his dialogue with design as a discipline.
The compulsive collective nature of the persona is reinforced in the book which serves as an index for all the pieces that make each watch and the proceses in which they were created.

This project was developed under the instruction of Jennifer Cole Phillips and Silas Munro at MICA.

year completed


team members



information design
book design

The book is meant to be a catalog for the watches, showcasing the process in which each piece is created.

Process finds

These are some interesting forms found along the way.