Visual collision of urban ideologists Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses,
a forced dialogue

Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses, we designed a book that was mean to force them to dialogue in the printed and web pages. This book was developed as a collaboration between two designers. By having the designers design an individual book with each urban planner's content and then overlaying both books on top of each other the piece is meant to show two differing visions for the urban layout of New York. While the printed page is seen as evidence of the forced dialogue, the webpage uses the browser size as a way to control the amount of overlay experienced by users when reading the page. Typically considered a printing error, we planned a system in which the collision was not only evident but became a design tactic to find formal translations of that collision and also adjust the layout prior the final production of the book.

All materials were developed in collaboration with Luiz Ludwig under b-xlab

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Using a simple technique of printing one color over the next, the dialogue found a way to be brought to the forefront of the book. The printed pages become the visual evidence of the performance.

The user as the mediator

When reading both urban designers points of view, the user gets to adjust the level of visual collision on the browser.
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