BRICS, the Struggle of Growth.
A closer study of these five emerging economies.

Established as an association of leading emerging economies, BRICS is comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Aside from the Federal Republic of Russia, one would consider all these nations large fast growing economies. Their combined power could be seen as a big influence on regional and global affairs. The BRICS block represents about 3 billion people, with a combined GDP of $13.7 Trillion and an estimated $4 Trillion in combined foreign reserves. Although their growth has been rapid over the past couple of decades, they face issues characteristic of countries in means of development. As a growing block of power they are escalating their production of CO2, expansion of diseases and bigger conglomeration of urban populations.

Designed in 55 hours in collaboration with Luiz Ludwig, Amy Lee Walton, and Hong Wei for the 2012 Visualizing Global Marathon.

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