Overthinking the process of an overthinker
An insight into my creative process

This project is the product of an assessment with rigorous analysis of my creative process. I identified basic patterns of my approach to design and in turn identified challenges that could be improved. We were asked to develop directives and make printed cards to share with the rest of the GDMFA class at MICA.
I chose to develop this website as a presentation tool for my own process. I am interested in continuing to track the creative process and in turn make it a more public resource. The interface walks through the main steps of my process and displays small points about each one of them; it also points out pieces of information I want to improve on while on the process. I discovered a fascination with the shape of content and a passion for telling stories through design, and adjustments in process can be a valuable tool for any designer.

Because of the nature of the process, the project lent itself to be shared. Young Sun Compton,Nicolas Kremershof and I developed and designed a mobile website that would assemble all of the classes' directives and share them online.

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A foldable card

Each one of my directives was also part of a bigger set meant to be shared and assembled with the class.