b-x lab, a laboratory for the graphic design process

The project exists as a series of design experiments in which we introduce limitations, disruptive processes, and arbitrary rules for collaboration in order to challenge the role of the designer. The outcomes-printed matter, websites, installations, and other physical and digital pieces show evidence of their creation. We believe the creative process is all designers have control of. b-x lab invigorates the creative process by incorporating experimental tactics. It serves as a platform for observation, invention and deployment of our work.
We make machines, we design with templates, we develop, deploy and edit frameworks for collaboration. We are educators, designers and collaborators sometimes absent but mostly in control.

The lab is a co-creation of Luiz Ludwig, and Javier Lopez.
All pieces found in this page are results of techniques developed as performances in graphic design under the lab.

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mfa thesis
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interaction design


Using a simple technique of printing one color over the next, the dialogue found a way to be brought to the forefront of the book. The printed pages become the visual evidence of the performance.
On the website when reading both urban designers points of view, the user gets to adjust the level of visual collision on the browser.

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Taking advantage of the book as object, the book becomes both the facilitator of individual pages as well as a compendium of all pages.

b-x typeface

Born as an identity for b-xlab, this typeface is designed on a stroke line. making any adjustments to the weight a variable dependent on the thickness of the stroke.
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A website as a poster

One of the most classic exercises in design, the poster is a combination of type and image in order to communicate an idea. This experiment in code aims to bring that experience to the web.
Long live the poster.