Seventeen-day Studio, an exhibition of the graphic design process by pairing performance &/as publishing.

The studio is a full-service graphic design studio opened on March 29, located in the Meyerhoff Gallery at the Maryland Institute College of Art. The Seventeen-day Studio specializes in editorial projects, identities, posters, and websites until forced to close our doors seventeen days later on April 14, 2013
Graphic design is made of contrary elements, involving a clash of thought, emotion, and behavior, leading us as graphic designers toward eccentric perceptions, inappropriate actions and feelings, our withdrawal from reality into fantasy or delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

The Seventeen-day Studio is a co-creation of Young Sun Compton, Luiz Ludwig, and Javier Lopez

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Physical & Digital

While the physical space serves as a performance stage for graphic design, the website serves as a publishing platform for both the tangible and intangible. We dwell in space by making both a statement for our view on graphic design and its adjacent wall as the visual index of work done under the umbrella of the studio.
The website's navigation becomes the logotype, serving as the main point of interaction on the site. All pages are automatically populated through a tumblr feed for the Poster Machine, Logo Parlor & Book shop.

Poster Machine

The poster machine was made to challenge the tools that designers conventionally use to make posters. A series of knobs and switches are used by the poster machine operator to alter the mood and layout. Each poster is both hand and machine-made.


Logo Parlor, a generative identity system.

The logo parlor generates a logo and 20 business cards in 8 minutes. The piece was developed based on a system in which visitors fill out a form where they rank different skill sets in a scale of 1 to 10. The skill sets are gathered from a survey of most repeated characteristics mentioned by prospective candidate during interviews across different fields. During the exhibition visitors were encouraged to fill out a form and spend 8 minutes with the designer as the process of creating their customized logotype unfolded.

An expansive blanket

Each logotype has three sets of concentric rings, the outer ring has 10 points, the middle and inside rings have 5 points each. Each point moves on its Y-axis from 0 to 10. The position of the point dictates the form of the blanket.


Participants also pick a skill that best describes their occupation from 10 options available. Each one of these skills has a different pattern that in turn becomes the skin for the blanket.

Design Ping-pong, a performance

Two teams with two players will pass two posters (one for each team) over the net. There are three, eight-minute rounds where teams will make design around a shared theme. Each team will be assigned a secret spin to be determined by the audience. The teams have to use their spin in some way during the second round of making. The last round will be reserved for editing, finishing, and trash-talking.

A manifesto